Mighty Mini Movement

The Mighty Mini Movement 

The Minibrook movement is about so much more than handcrafted sustainable clothing. It’s a celebration of the inimitable spirit of Mighty Minis who are actively doing what they do best – chasing their dreams and making the world a better place. Inspired by the strength of brave Mighty Minis everywhere, we recognize that it’s essential we help as many children overcome adversity as possible. With that in mind, Minibrook is donating a portion of all proceeds each quarter to a non-profit organization whose mission is focused on serving and uplifting youth.

Our first beneficiary was the WhyNot? Foundation followed by the donation of 357 kids masks to Baby2Baby and we can't wait to announce our next beneficiary!What is a Mighty Mini? A Mighty Mini is a young person who inspires us to be kind to one another, to be fierce, and to follow our dreams.

Every Mighty Mini has a unique story to tell and it is our sincere privilege to share a collection of those stories here. We hope they serve as a reminder of the extraordinary impact these fierce little hearts have on us all.Welcome to the movement. We’re delighted to be a part of your journey. 


Mighty Mini Giveback

Organizations we support: